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I had a horrific dream last night where I wrote the abstract of my study in the document that I was writing j2 in, and that I wrote the wincest in place of the abstract. I was writing this whole bit where Sam is talking to Dean who is in the shower, and Dean is hiding from some over-amorous girl, and she bursts into the shower and is like, WHERE IS DEAN? and Sam is like NOT HERE! And she's like, WHY IS THE SHOWER RUNNING, and Sam's I wanted to take one?

Of course she looks at him all skeptical until Sam actually starts stripping and climbs into the shower. JUST LIKE IN DAN IN REAL LIFE. Anyway, he climbs in and Dean's going WTF? But Sam's all beautiful under the shower spray and the stupid girl is like guarding the door, so he's forced to watch him in his wonderful naked glory. And somehow they wind up kissing. I don't know, I'm no good at short stuff.

Well whatever, I may joke about the Professors!Winchester, which probably someday I will write when I get terribly terribly bored. BUT, somehow in this dream, my Language, Sex, and Gender TA was this uber feminist who could extract crazy metaphor from everything, and I was sure that my switching the wincest was going to suggest to her that I was satanic mysogynist so I spent the rest of my dream furiously figuring out how to rewind e-mails.

I don't know. Somebody in my dream told me you could do it. IT WAS NERVE WRACKING.
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