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Art Post: I filled another request!

sgriobadh asked for Sam with wings because apparently people like Avian!Dean more. So I thought to myself, OHMYGOD, I'm never going to be able to do that. And then I was drawing this thing, and the poses worked so perfectly, that I was like AHAH, she will get her wish.

So please ignore my zero skills with coloring in photoshop. This is honestly the first time I've tried since I was like fourteen and fiddling around with oekaki (TRUST ME IT ALWAYS LOOKED BAD, AND WHEN I SAY BAD I MEAN HORRIFYING).

Also Sam's face is totally weird, and I kind of took liberties with Dean's build, but we all know in spite of Jensen's tendency towards *ahem* slenderness that Dean is a brick shithouse.

And before this wonderful thingy got drawn I had myself a causeways for two days.

Our first meeting really involved me driving us off somewhere to eat, and I was like oh goodness, her first impression of me is going to be my frenetic song changing and speeding down alma. But that turned out to be okay, because Kelly wants to be the fastest person on the road anyway.

I'm sure by the end of all that driving Ryan was ready to sieze the wheel away from us and stuff us into the trunk. Possibly also so that we'd stop talking about Wincest and parading him around in front of possibly interested gay men. He was pretty quiet the entire trip, but his facial expression spoke volumes.

I swear to god the longest conversation I had with him was about my cat, and Ryan ended up having a longer conversation with Goblin anyway when he was sitting on the fence and refusing to let us leave. Goblin of course has no idea how momentous this was.

The highlight of the trip was going to see Prince Caspian. I was so ready to show up and say hah, Mick La Salle, your pithy review was wrong again, just like with Speed Racer, but unfortunately Mick won this round. We have decided that Caspian is a lesbian trapped in a man's body with the hots for Susan, unfortunately, the only way to free him is through rigorous application of Peter's peen. So Peter's gotta take one for the team, stop engineering dislocated limbs to get Edmund to touch him, and stick it to him er...her.

Also, Kelly and I are lame and didn't take any pictures of ourselves, despite the fact that we both had cameras. *shakes head* So you'll have to imagine them instead.

Here is a picture of Kelly pushing Lauren off the balcony of the hotel into the pool.

Here is a picture of Kelly laughing at Lauren while she perrenially drops the books she's intending to buy at Borders. Sometimes even the ones she doesn't want to buy.

Here is Lauren and Kelly holding hands so that they will get their damn drink orders at the Starbucks on Castro. Kelly wants the world to know that I also kissed her twice, but I would like to add that it was on the ARM.

Huzzah, and tonight I will locate myself this person called Meredith, and strap her to the back of my car so we can see Indiana Jones.
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