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HOLY NAKED LADY PAINTING, BATMAN! You remember back around thanksgiving, how I was just finally wrapping up my reel_spn, the Hackers AU, and didn't have much left and it was like 20,000 words? And then I went and saved over it like the absolutely fool of a tool that I am? Yes, you remember this?

Well today, I decided I was going to reorganize my writing folder. So I get in there to start cleaning it up, and I have all of these temporary files, because my computer likes to shut things down when it's not supposed to and then recover them, it plays catch with itself if you will. And I was like BUAHAHAHAH, I will get rid of all of you. But my computer went crazy and selected EVERY single file in there and there's like 158 documents and I'm like NOOOOO, STOP THAT, COMPUTER, I HATE YOU!

But that would be a vicious vicious lie, because all of a sudden HACKERS HACKER HACKERS, everywhere! My computer had it in it's entirety. I was looking at 24 copies of it in various forms of completion. I want to start singing odes to my computer.

AND IT WILL SOON BE FINISHED. You won't have to bug me to start it over!
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