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Art Post: Um, I know I should be working on big bang

All of you know that rumor going around about the McCoy/Padalecki nuptials being in mortal peril, I'm sure, but perhaps not all of you know that memphis86 and I joked that the cocktail waitress that Jared slept with had famous green eyes and pouty lips. And Mem, vile enabler that she is, was like WRITE IT, and I sat there and said AHAHAHAH, like I'm not struggling with prepschool!Jared the genius idiot already. But then I started writing it. And then, OHMYGOD, I started arting for it.

Admittedly I was experimenting with a technique that I intend to use for my two bigbang authors, so if they like the way this came out, than their art just might agree with them.

ONCE AGAIN Jensen's face is all wonky. I have no idea. I can't help it. I have never struggled with somebody's face so much before in my life, and given that I draw it so frequently I don't understand why he must constantly FOIL me. THAT JERKFACE.

Anyway, Jared's in a suit because in my fic he's 9 to 5 kind of dude, and Jensen is...*sob* a playwright sacrificing his dream to the petit bourgeoisis world of serving alcohol. And Sandy has yet to make an appearance. But I'm sure her rage at her cheating husband will be spectacular.
Tags: art, jared/jensen, jensen's wonky face
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