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All Sky Done Break Loose

My dad made me take a walk with him tonight at 10 PM, and I was hesitent to go, because he can be crazy. But he insisted, so I went out with him to go to the store. I had to endure half an hour of him talking about how my step-mom doesn't like the fact that he wears briefs rather than boxers, and she's always buying him boxers. *facepalm*

Right, so we get to the store, by club soda, leave, and in the five minutes we were in there, a GALE kicked up. It was so windy, and lighting was blazing in the sky, and we were on this big treelined street with dust flying everywhere, and my dad was like OH MAN, LET'S RUN HOME. So I had to run 2 miles in converse at my dad's pace (for a 50-year-old dude, he's in far too good shape).

And then it started raining.
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