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I'm not sure how I feel about this

So I finally got up off my ass and converted to S2, and got a new layout. It was more out of frustration at the fact that my tags were always disappearing. Man I'd had that layout forever. I kind of wish I hadn't gone all kamikaze on it. Or that at least I'd taken a screen shot first, because that layout was pretty. And I had pictures in the sidebar, which this fucker doesn't do. Or, rather, I should say, I do not understand CSS well enough to add them.

Anyway, fourfreedoms, fourfreedoms, fourfreedoms.

I still have to fiddle around with a few things. I'm not sure about the color scheme. It might just have to go straight gray, because I think this tealey business is kind of obnoxious. Ugh, but now I have to go change my profile table too, because I don't have a drew barrymore theme anymore. That's what I get for just haring off like that.

ETA: Nope, can't do it, I don't like this one at all. Until I figure out a sidebar that works, this is going on the shelf.
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