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I ate off of Gandhi, how many of you can say that?

Oh man, everybody rallied together to keep me busy after that last emo craptastic post I had. On Wednesday there was the New York fangirl get together, where I got trashed off of Tequila lemonade, Thursday I did work and slept THE ENTIRE DAY, and then Friday azephirin and I ran around the Village all the way up to St. Marks Place.

Today was laundry day with my friend from school, Justin, who randomly happens to be here--and then the Netherlands lost to Russia in Euro 2008 SO FUCKING PISSED ABOUT THAT, YOU LOST TO RUSSIA? TO FUCKING RUSSIA? That is like...oh my god, if I were to play one-on-one against Kobe Bryant and I somehow won. Whatever Spain will embarrass Russia, and I will die happy--but it's okay, because Justin and I went to see Get Smart and I honestly don't fucking care what you thought, I NEARLY DIED LAUGHING.

I want to make a greatest hits of my childhood mix. So I think I will. Man I don't have enough work at my job.
Tags: azephirin, euro 2008, get smart
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