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I have reached the end of my tether, and thus an illustrated primer

I know there are members of the peanut gallery who like Jared's hair the way it is. And therefore, I blame everything that follows this sentence on ericaplease. You see, she foisted CSI:New York on me. (check it: this fandom has a pairing that rarely appears in the same room together, HARDCORE, YO)

And in the first season of CSI:NY, there is a character, let us call him THE HOTTEST CHARACTER, who has "longish-for-a-boy" hair, or what my friends in high school called "the assholes on the water polo team" hair--please excuse this digression, but I think this bears explaining. The water polo players are probably forgivable, because they also were on the swim team and every season had to shave it ALL off. Oh yes, I have walked into many conversations about itchy balls. So clearly, they are trying to prove a point (lookit my hair growing powers?) by leaving their hair on the longish (and yucky) side. Anyway, this HOTTEST CHARACTER, Flack, had Jared hair.

And then one day he cut it, not in some odd flat-ironed pudding bowl arangement with the bangs parted down the middle. Oh no. He cut it SHORTER. And suddenly EVERYBODY REALIZED HE WAS THE HOTTEST CHARACTER.

Jared, I know your hairdo has been your fashion mainstay for a good part of your professional life. BUT DEAR GOD, USE FLACK AS YOUR EXAMPLE. STOP MAKING ME CRY FOR SEASON ONE HAIR (a serious lament for someone who doesn't believe boys' hair should ever touch their collars if they wish to be considered at all attractive). And while it is a strong testament to your incredible hotness THAT I STILL LIKE YOU BETTER, I think your short hair will make the wincest show through even if Sam and Dean ARE NEVER IN THE SAME FRAME AGAIN. CSI:NY is my proof.

Just in case you didn't take my word as written law, I have been good enough to provide references!


Yes, how could this guy honestly be the hottest guy on the show? Did everybody else get a particularly bad beating with the ugly stick?


But, LO and BEHOLD, Flack is actually a sex god.

A sex god with facial expression, but that has no bearing on the hair argument.

Suddenly when you cut your hair, everybody thinks you're OTP with that blond dude. And since Jensen is totes BLOND *cough* my theory is infallible.

Look, the OTP is happy together. When Flack still had long hair all shots of them were carefully aranged so that there would be people in between, and their love could not be realized. BUT SHORT HAIR MADE THE WORLD GO ROUND, and now there is gay sex.
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