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I am sheepish, yes, very sheepish

So I'm the kind of person who just lurks during comment porn memes, and totally refuses to write anything myself, because I don't have enough confidence to not spend ten hours at the very least on each paragraph. Unless I'm writing things were Sam is a fallen angel called Samael, and then it's probably best if I don't think too much about it, because MY BRAIN WILL BREAK.

But today, the boredom was so crushing that it actually managed to shove aside my self-doubt, and I participated. TWICE.

Jared and Jensen stealth kissing in a playground for starweather

Sam and Dean watching Monty Python for estei

Now I'm going to get on the train to go see Kung Fu Panda, and hopefully assuage my boredom some more. Also, I'm told you will be getting fic from me soon.
Tags: fic, jensen/jared, kung fu panda, monty python, sam/dean
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