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Anything you can do, I can do better...

Certain people on my flist who shall remain unnamed to preserve their fragile dignities were threatening to camwhore, and I thought, AHAH, I will beat you to it! I actually have cool pictures of myself. Mostly because I'm not being my usual grandma couch-potato self.

This is me on the roof of my building. Sadly this is the only place to go if I don't want to die of heatstroke and other weather-related maladies. I look kind of pensive here...or dumb.

My roommate, Lucy, and I stumbled upon a street fair when we were in Williamsburg. She has the pictures from that, but I started talking to this lady, and she was like LET ME PAINT YOUR FACE, and I was like HOMG GLITTER, OKAY, YES! The following is what resulted...

I might have been very taken with these photos. JUST A LITTLE.

It's called camwhoring for a reason.


What's that you say? WE ARE BORED OF THE FACE PAINT? All right. Okay. Fine.

SUNGLASSES OF JUSTICE. I just got new sunglasses so I figured I'd preserve them on film before I sit on them or step on my purse or pop out the lens or lose a screw or one of the many and sundry ways I have managed to break sunglasses over the last couple of years. My last pair lasted from May 18th to...June 2nd of this year.

My eyemakeup was also really awesome that day. My boss even commented on it. However, I don't know if you can tell in these pictures.

Yay for being silly

All right, I'm done with my vanity.

Thanks for indulging my obsession with myself!
Tags: camwhore, horatio cain, roof
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