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I'm a dork, but at least I know it

The other day I was waiting for my boss for two hours, and all I had with me was work, and I got really burned out, so I started writing more of these "personal canon" things.

Sam's favorite food is sushi. He especially likes crunchy rolls and crab meat. On his 21st birthday his friends took him out sake bombing and were amazed when he put away 18 California rolls all by himself, after already eating dinner.

Dean hates gadgetry made after 1988. If they stay in a hotel with updated electronics, than Sam has to figure out how to work the TV and the cable box, because Dean is a firm believer in the tenet "they don't make 'em like they used to." On the otherhand he can fix crystal radios, microwaves, record players, toasters, and jukeboxes.

Sam has a mortal fear of being late. If he knows he's going to be late he will invent excuses so that it doesn't look like he lost track of the time.

Dean was never terribly into jewelry. Until Sam bought him the amulet he thought it was stupid on guys. But he liked the way it looked on him, and before he knew it he wound up with the leather cords and the ring.

Sam cried at the end of Man on Fire because it reminded him far too much of Dean's sacrifice. Dean was left slightly perturbed at the arty feel of the film, and wasn't quite sure what do with Sam sobbing like he'd never find happiness again.

Dean loves cleaning out Sam's laptop keyboard. He can be a little obsessive. If Sam tries to take the computer away from him, he'll burn Sam with the compressed air.

Sam mourns quite a few of the possessions he lost in the fire, first editions of books that Jess got him through her rare book dealer uncle, and so on, but the one thing that he misses the most is his XBOX.

Dean's first experience with Indian food involved food poisoning and a date that tried to bite when she blew him. He has been put off the cuisine ever since--determined that the entire industry is cursed. He will make Sam miserable if he even attempts to suggest going to a place.

Sam has a tattoo he regrets right between his shoulder blades that reads "If You Are Going Through Hell, Keep Going" as said by Winston Churchill. He got it the first week of school at Stanford when he got miserably drunk with his new friends. Ever since Jess died, it has become a little too real.

Dean read all of Karl Von Klauswitz after he caught an episode of Popular in a motel once and Nicole Julian was using it to effectively cut through her enemies. He's not particularly sure he agrees with it.

My boss was, in fact, so late, that I moved on to other fandom canons I held.

Simon can fence better than Inara can. People on Serenity forget that Simon had all the same lessons River did and while he was good, she was a master. However, Simon is a unilateralist and he would rather not be responsible for the taking of a life.

Mal is a chess grand master. The one time River played him, she was very annoyed that she didn't win, because such an event was so rare as to be unheard of.

Simon hates fighting and is generally unused to anger, so it always comes as a surprise that Mal provokes it in him so very easily.

Mal was raised by his mother and his uncles and a whole stable full of farm hands. His mother paid precious coin to make sure that he could have the best education she could provide. She always imagined bigger and better things for Mal who completely lacked in ambition and was happy enough to farm and raise livestock.

Zoe realized she liked Simon rather despite herself, but she isn't good about trusting people, and she's worse about letting people in, so she was perfectly happy not to show it until it became impossible not to.

Mal has never and will never look at Zoe as anything other than family--as he does with all of his crew. Unfortunately, Simon gave off a rather more than family-like vibe, which for Mal, was terribly disconcerting. Of course he didn't know what to do with himself.

Simon's favorite pastime used to be Tennis. He had standing games with several of the other doctors in the hospital. However, their relationships rarely extended beyond that because Simon was so intensely driven, he didn't have much time for anything else.

Mal is really quite terrible at Pool, but Jayne, who has a secret talent for math, thus why he is such a deadly fighter, always cleans up the table. Surprisingly, Jayne is not a poor loser, although he does have a temper and doesn't like being made fun of. He knows exactly where his limits are and he's not ashamed of them.

River secretly finds Inara and her new-age-ness annoying and presumptuous. Especially in light of River's own experiences. She will never tell anyone though. Also, she sees Inara as Simon's competition for Mal even if Simon hardly notices himself.

Obi-wan never slept with Qui-Gon Jin, and he never entertained thoughts of doing it either. His feelings for Anakin kind of kicked his ass because they came out of nowhere.

Anakin hates and completely fails to understand commercials and advertising after his life on Tatooine where he literally was a commodity.

Obi-Wan bought Anakin a stuffed pig. He still has it although it is very dirty and against all temple protocol.

Anakin threw up the first time he killed someone. He wouldn't go to Saber practice for days afterwards. Master Windu remembers this clearly, it is his last thought, when Anakin kills him.

Obi-Wan has very nearly told Padme she looks ridiculous on five seperate occasions. Qui-Gon Jin always knew when he was about to say something untoward and managed to steer the conversation away in the knick of time.

Anakin is a very poor user of the Jedi Mind Trick. Suggestion or persuasion is not really something he's good at. He prefers to manipulate people the old-fashioned way.

The Jedi Council is so stern with Anakin mostly because they like him so much. They fear what this means for them, and what this means for him. So they do everything in their power to make it look like they show no favor whatsoever.

Ohi-Wan and Anakin were forced into drag on a mission. Obi-Wan fancies that he never quite recovered from the experience, but Anakin found it endlessly amusing.

Hoowie, I had to keep retyping these because my computer was determined to get the better of me. Now I'm going to go see azephirin.
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