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Well, I have no excuse

When I left the house today I did not expect to return with mojito mix and a gold laptop. But alas, I did exactly that. It's a classy sort of thing, more of a Honda Element blonde champagne kind of deal, but still, GOLD.

I have been playing around with two ideas. Well, really they're the same idea, but could be expressed in two different ways. The first was a J2 AU of The Mighty Ducks D3, with like, boarding school, and Jensen on the team, being slightly bi-curious, and Charlie being his straight and long-suffering best friend, and Jared being that one hot senior on varsity who wasn't an asshole. AGE-FUCKERY, I know. Would that make Jensen the lone girl on the team, or would it make him the lone Duck who made it to varsity, I KNOW NOT THE ANSWER. (I'm sure dontyouwaitup is tired of hearing about this by now).

And the second aspect of this same idea was pile-driven into my skull when my mom and I went rollerblading around Stanford Campus (a campus which is pretty ideal for it, unlike my own school which drives me nuts when I'm trying to get to class, ANYWAY), and discussing the lamentable fact that fewer and fewer companies are making women's skates. Anyway, I thought what if the family business was Hockey? And John Winchester was on the 1980 Olympic team and Dean and Sam were both in PeeWee and then sent off to Canada to be really serious about it, and they're like "Oh Sam, you can go off to college on Hockey scholarship" and then they realize he's heading off to Stanford, middle finger to the law, to like...learn art history.

I would totally write both of them if I had the attention span.
Tags: hockey, j2, pimp laptop, sam/dean
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