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They asked, and I provided

After spilling my guts to everybody early this morning, the wonderful people who responded to my turmoil and angst kept saying they wished something good would happen to me. And I, being the intensely material princess that I am, realized I had all sorts of awesome things right here in my room. So in the vein of dontyouwaitup's recommendation posts, here are things I like!

I realized as I was listing these things out that a lot of them are make-up. Or pertaining to makeup in some fashion. But since I live for makeup this shouldn't surprise any of you. But to start the hour off I give you...

You're Bluffing by Benefit, this stuff is excellent at reducing redness and it doesn't leave a yellow residue, although if you use foundation or concealer, I would put this underneath. It works really well at hiding the scars on my face.

Etsy. For those of you who like having things that are unique. I waste a lot of time on here searching for things like David Bowie and finding jewelry and art that people make in his honor. It's like ebay without auctioning--and not so skeezy.

As Seen On Screen. This is actually linked in my LJ, because it's an awesome site. I found it through my British roommate. It originally started as a way to track what the stars were wearing and buy similar products, but has since branched out into having their own line. It is quite possibly the best designed clothing website on the internet. Because everything is in pounds it gets a little pricey, but they have cute stuff that's less expensive as well.

Secret Platinum: Scent Expressions, Gel I was originally attracted to this because it was sparkly. And they had crazy food scents, which I always like. What can I say? For people who use invisible solid and constantly wonder why you have white residue, I might recommend using gel instead. Also, deoderant lasts longer in gel form, so you don't have to replace it before you finish the tube. But aside from that, I sweat alot and I'm an athlete, so it's awesome to not feel like you're going to smell like the inside of a boys' locker room by the time you're done. Also, if you like wearing skirts and find that your thighs rub together uncomfortably, or if you wear shorts when you're running and face the same problem, if you put this between your thighs, I swear the problem is mitigated.

Neal Stephenson. apathyartist, a real life friend, first introduced this author to me, when I was going off to college and wanted to have some novels in case I didn't make any friends or like, hated my roommates. He's got both sci-fi and fantasy novels where he combines strong social commentary, historical backgrounds, and a brilliant sense of humor. Not to mention, they are long, so you won't burn through it like candy. My favorite is Cryptonomicon, but he has a whole bunch of novels that are also awesome.

Le Vernis, by Chanel. It's Chanel Nail Polish so it's expensive, and it comes in a fairly limited number of colors, but it also goes on really smooth, dries quickly, and lasts a long time. Even the subtler more boring colors actually look great, because they're chosen to go with all skintypes. I would also recommend O.P.I. and China Garden, which a lot of salons use when you go in for a manicure.

The Wasteland. Unless you're in California, you won't have a chance to go here, but they have two locations in LA and one on Haight Street in San Francisco. It pretty much sets the bar as far as thrift stores go because they only accept the best stuff and they're still cheap. They're very well organized so you can find vintage army surplus and concert t-shirts all carefully sorted out.

Cretacolor Pure Graphite. These pencils come in a number of different grades, from 4H all the way to 4B. They're a little heavier than your usual yellow wooden pencil, however for whatever reason, perhaps because of the weight, I find that I draw better with these. Every piece of art that I've posted on LJ has used pure graphite in some capacity. You can also use Faber-Castel, but that's a little more expensive, and I find that there isn't any difference between the two.

Clinique Rinse-Off. This makeup remover is specifically for when you're doing your eyeliner or shadow and you fuck up, it wipes away clean without pulling all the rest of your makeup of and if you end up doing something really complicated like three different shadows, pencil, and then glitter liner, this will take it off in one or two swipes.

Honest Tea. You've probably heard me talking about this before. I'm an iced tea junky, and this is my favorite bottled brand. Unfortunately it tastes dramatically different bottled in plastic than it does in glass. I prefer the way it tastes in glass bottles. So if you get the chance buy it that way. Although Safeway has just started selling it in plastic.

Snap Pea Crisps. Calbee (formerly Calpis--try saying that out loud and you'll figure out why they changed they name) is a Japanese company that makes a variety of snacks, drinks, and candy. This sounds like it would be really awful tasting, but they're INCREDIBLY addictive, and as far as junk foods go, on the healthier end of the spectrum, because they use all natural ingredients, although it's still loaded with calories.

Paste Magazine. The only music magazine I read. Although I found their September issue a little unbearable, they usually interview people I actually want to read about, and they enclose a CD of about 20 tracks of up and coming artists, so you can find some bands that you never would've found on your own or feel really superior if you already have some of the artist they put on there.

Aerin Rose. This company makes swim suits for those of us who actually have chests and they're not horrifically ugly. Granted, you'll pay for it, literally. But at least you aren't going to Nordstroms strolling the racks, desperately trying to figure out why nothing will ever look good on you.

Lumedia. As far as I know this stuff is only sold through Sephora. It's to reverse sun damage, but it also had a profound effect on the quality of my skin and the scars. It smells really good, and unfortunately it goes very fast, because it's $90 a tube. So you'll definitely have to weigh the costs and benefits.
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