the reluctant lobotomist (fourfreedoms) wrote,
the reluctant lobotomist

Blah, I feel like an old woman

[ mood | satisfied ]
[ music | Love Hungry Man-ACDC ]

My knee is still killing me from my soccer game. I sat with a heating pad for a couple of hours but it didn't do very much. Well I suppose it doesn't ache anymore, it just hurts when I move it. But still. Today was a pretty good day, I went to my post-high school planning thingy dingy and I found out that I'm in a good place for Berkley which is brilliant. Also, my councelor didn't have to ask me my name. Which is great, because usually Ms. Corbin does. But Ms. Jonston is cool like that. I really like her. Also, I should call Brown, and ask them about sending slides. Yesh.

Soccer game didn't go very well, but that's okay. You guys still love me. I'm in such a good mood these days. Hey does anybody want to see the Corpse Bride with me?

To whom it may concern . . .Goblin sounds like a lawn mower sitting on my chair. Oh and has anybody noticed my new mood pictures (I went back in changed pretty much all of the foxies, I'm pretty proud of them)

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