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Observations in an empty room

I drove down to New York with my father and cousin so that we could see him debate in the IQ2 series on Gun control. It just struck me, John Lott, Gary Kleck, and Steven Halbrook--the premier gun nuts, fortunately couldn't talk very well. And when asked if they would like to arm their children all three answered yes. Oh joy, did this 8-year-old with the machine gun in Massachusetts teach us no lessons. My favorite part is that they absolutely would not address the issue of firearms and domestic violence.

Also, on a completely unrelated note, if I develop a sudden debillitating addiction to Oxycodone, I hope you will come rescue me. I bring this up because the other day my nose was killing me, and ibuprophen wasn't doing anything, so I plumbed up the leftover stash of opioids I had, and popped one. I offered one to Misha, because everybody here is a drug addict, and she was like, oh no, I don't do that, I never do anything harder than speed or E. Of course my response was :O. There's a reason that joke about Dean losing all his teeth on meth and having to chase his dentures around hell keeps coming back up in this journal. I THINK SPEED IS TERRIFYING. I would much rather be addicted to vicodin ANYDAY.
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