the reluctant lobotomist (fourfreedoms) wrote,
the reluctant lobotomist

I'm so clever

I'm doing a Bill Maher "New Rule" post. And they will be funny, unlike the republicans at that convention.

-New Rule, ericaplease must change her name to rigor_mortis.

-New Rule, That guy Brad Pitt played in Troy? Yeah, HERCULES

-New Rule, Jared and Jensen must star in a movie AU of Zoolander. Kripke can be the hand model.

-New rule, Kevin Jonas should shut up

-New Rule, if you wait outside all night, do not ask the Jonas Brothers if they like Quesadillas.

-New Rule, if Kevin Jonas wants to answer a question, Joe should cockslap him.

-New rule, Twilight, "IT'S NOT FUNNY! STOP LAUGHING."

-New Rule, Nick Jonas should go solo, become a respected musician, and change his last name to Naas. Joe Jonas's destiny lies in underwear modeling. If he can ever get past his alleged chastity belt.

-New Rule, if you steal stage!gay cues from bandom it might be good to remember you are related.

-New Rule, Erica is not allowed to say Mediocrely...or become a hairdresser

-New Rule, Jasper Hale's facial expression is how I want to botox my face

-New Rule, Lauren has to cut her hair like a New Jersey tramp.
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