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I'd rather be here, fool, with the savagely gay people

Connecticut weather. Clearly too complicated for the likes of me. It's like spring out--sun shining full blast and just the barest hint of a breeze. It's three degrees warmer here than it is in Palo Alto. That, at least, is something to come home to.

Especially when you have lunch with Max and the talk turns to James (Cam Gigandet) from Twilight. Max is so funny. I was like, "I have a deep abiding love for the evil dude." And he was like, "Wait, the evil dude who was on the OC." And I was like YESSSS!

Max: but that guy is evil!
Lauren: I know, he was evil in Never Back Down.
Max: Was that the movie with the kick boxing?
Lauren: MMA? Yes.
Max: MMA. You have no idea how happy that makes me that that just came out of a girl's mouth. It's always like, "you know, that thing, where people kick people."
Lauren: Um, I'm pretty sure I only know it because of that movie.
Max: It was savagely gay, wasn't it.
Lauren: You saw it?
Max: No, you saw it.
Lauren: To be fair, I had no clue they were going to lock each other in bathrooms and roll all around on the floor.

But at least he's a natural blond. *cough* I fear that Max now thinks I'm going to write Twilight slash. *hides under desk*
Tags: never back down, sunshine
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