the reluctant lobotomist (fourfreedoms) wrote,
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It's an addiction in America

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We went to Dinner tonight at the three seasons. As we were waiting to get seated a snotty party of brits had perhaps the most pompous conversation.

"It's called the three seasons . . .What about the fourth?"
"What? Have they lost it?"
"Look Eugenia"
"It's an addiction in America you know, fine dining, and look always a ball game on the telly."
"How classy."

I could have laughed, the three seasons is a restaurant that caters to a younger crowd, and thus it has a bar, and thus the ballgame is on. You could go to practically any other restaurant in downtown Palo Alto and find that it is no "addiction".

I saw Everything is Illuminated tonight. I really liked it, but my mother was rather lukewarm. I don't know why, her reasoning was a little rediculous, it reminds me of why seeing serious movies with my mother can sometimes suck.

My knee brace actually worked in Soccer Practice. So that was good.

Tags: boyd holbrook, everything is illuminated
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