the reluctant lobotomist (fourfreedoms) wrote,
the reluctant lobotomist

Got any hot librarians?

I went to the Library Christmas party at 4 today (which was sweet because I was still paid for being there and eating food and getting plied with alchohol). It was alot of fun because my first library superviser ever Mary-Ellen is a real film buff and she has a girly hard-on for Roman Polanski so we talked about that.

And then my old TA who works in preservation showed up, and he's so queer he sparkles. He brought his two kids with him, the second one was born while he was teaching section. He picked up his cell-phone in the middle of class and was like OHMYGOD, MY KID! And then raced out of section.

AND THEN my old boss, Craig, and his fiance (who is british) came by. She's really sweet, and he cleans up really good. I'm used to seeing him in jeans and tennies, and he was wearing pinstriped pants and a grey shirt, made him look very professional. He's my Firefly/Dr. Who buddy at the library, and I was like YOU MUST SEE MERLIN. And his fiance was like MY DAD WATCHES MERLIN.


And then she turned to him and said, "It's very homoerotic."

SO, what should I do for dinner? Au Bon Pain? The Dining Hall? Atticus? Thoughts?

Craig was like, "Er, no thanks."

Also, they had a high school band playing the music. And they were so lame. They didn't have a bassist, so one of the guitarists was playing on the bass part on his guitar.
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