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A Sentimental Journey

I'm taking advantage of internet while I still have it. There's something wrong with my Grandparents' provider, but they are refusing to deal with it, because they seem to believe it will resolve itself. I'm not sure why, since they sporadically lose telephone service too.

But you know, they also only heat the first floor of their three-story house, so I wouldn't start using them as the control for the insanity defense.

Anyway, I've never been so bored in my entire life. Because of jet-lag I'm up at 4 and then to bed at 12, so I have all this extra time I have to fill up. I've started taking my book, Tana French's In The Woods (I asked my mother for it for Christmas on maypirate's recommendation), into the bathroom (the warmest room in the house) and reading in the tub.

We went downtown today because my mother and I were going to kill my grand parents if we stayed around any longer. I always get a lot of attention the minute I open my mouth, because Dutch young people are startlingly America-obsessed. A new shop opened on Langestraat since the last time I was here called "America Today 34." They had a giant picture of Christian Bale up in the window, which, cheers, but they seem to be a little confused.

But yes, lots of attention, which was fine with me, because the bartender in Hemels was this 6'4 Adonis who kept sending me iced tea (Carbonated Nestea does not actually deserve the name). But everywhere else it gets a little disconcerting.

Hope you all had a Merry Christmas!
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