the reluctant lobotomist (fourfreedoms) wrote,
the reluctant lobotomist

I'm allowed to have a lost mind

Oh man it's so cold. I've taken to laying my clothing across the radiators so that when I put it on I won't freeze. I'm really struggling with my spn_j2_xmas. Apparently the only things I can write about these days are pretentious whores.

There are times I want to just write a fandom Mulligan Stew where all my fandoms collide. Like it could be set in Terminator's post apocalyptic world, where John Connor is secretly the son of King Arthur via some crazy wonkiness a la The Dark Is Rising and Rodney is the lead scientist working to defeat Skynet and John is able to win over the machines with his amazing Atlantis gene.

And the CSI:NY team is there, old and graying, but generally kicking ass. And Stella reminds John of his mother. Flack's blue eyes are still formidable despite his age.

And of course Sam and Dean are there, ageless, and quietly bitter that they fended off one apocalypse only to have humans engineer a whole new one.

And Betty is there making empanadas and quietly organizing everything so that people don't go insane. They have Cinco De Mayo and Day of the Dead celebrations in their underground bunkers. She may or may not be the common law wife of Daniel who has been given new life as a scary resistance fighter.

Fraser is quietly awesome, Ray at his side, still telling inuit stories.

Everybody will make jokes because the resistance fighters are all gay for each other (given my preponderance of slash pairings).

I guess the question is, HOW DO I WORK STAR WARS IN?
Tags: csi: ny, sarah connor chronicles, sga, star wars, supernatural, ugly betty
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