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Because I needed to say it...

At the risk of sounding like "LOOK HOW MUCH PEOPLE LOVE ME," I have so many thank yous to give out for making it a great birthday. indigo_blind, trueshellz, merle_p, arlad, chickyoops, velvetine01, englishblue, thank you so much for the posts and the messages.

Special thanks go to ignited, causeways, fleshflutter, halfshellvenus, balefully, indysaur, arabella_hope, wendy, notthequiettype, and memphis86 (THERE WERE ROMANS) because each of them made me tear up a little. Shut up, I HAD SOMETHING IN MY EYE, OKAY!

And to everybody who wished me happy birthday and told me what awful people they had to share their birthday with on my post bitching about Mel Gibson...YOU ROCK! Although, evinyatar15, pointing how many more awful people we shared our birthday with, NOT ON! :P

drvsilla, thank you so much for writing me this fic on Bruce and Dick's relationship from Alfred's POV.

FINALLY, maypirate and ericaplease, thank you for being alive. (And from this material girl's point of view, for giving me awesome presents.)
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