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There's something strange 'round here

The day after my birthday my Dad took me out for dinner and to a Stanford basketball game. I spent the entire time staring intently at Anthony Goods and Landry Fields thinking I WROTE FIC ABOUT YOU.

For those of you who have met Jensen and Jared, are you sitting there going IN MY HEAD YOU SMELL LIKE DETERGENT AND COFFEE AND IN REAL LIFE YOU SMELL LIKE KENNETH COLE BLACK. I think I might get all weird and feel like how they are actually acting is not my canon. WHAT DO YOU MEAN YOU HAVEN'T READ BLAKENHORN'S "CYCLE OF AMERICAN POLITICS," THE JARED IN MY HEAD HAS!

Hence why I will never meet them.

Part of this was motivated by Anthony slapping Drew Shiller on the ass. And I think to myself, in a hypothetical where Jared is a Stanford basketball player and Jensen is his gay Georgetown lover, Anthony would probably slap him on the ass too.
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