the reluctant lobotomist (fourfreedoms) wrote,
the reluctant lobotomist

Yes, I am going insane!

I am weak. I did indeed buy eye shadow. Two shades of MAC. There are times where I want to do a vocational challenge for fandom. Where we had a list of jobs, I love movie AUs, but there's a whole lot more freedom if you're starting from JARED AS ADVERTISING EXEC, JENSEN AS ROMANCE NOVEL COPY EDITOR.

Or, cough, Dean as a romance novel copy editor. I wonder if I poke azephirin hard enough, will she write it for me?

In TV shows (not Supernatural, I don't want to start a smackdown here) who are your favorite female characters? cerberos has pointed out that empathetic spiritual women and I never get along. Like I love Cuddy from House, Brennan from Bones, Jo from Eureka, and Zoe from Firefly, but Inara? We are not friends.

I ask, because I wonder if there are any traits that always make you root for a character. I know that Starbuck is a fave. Personally I feel like my own pattern comes from Ryooko from Tenchi Muyo! CYBERNETIC SPACEPIRATE WITH CABBIT SPACESHIP? What's not to love.

Also, for those that ask, yes I have indeed written analogues of Flack into two separate original works now. It's the eyes. And I tell ericaplease I'm not that obsessed!
Tags: tenchi muyo
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