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I'm all about the relationshps

So currently, I have at least three fics in the works. One for ignited, a certain sequel for memphis86, and one random one that walkawayslowly might've inspired me to start writing again. I refer to them in the vaguest terms, because I suffer from the delusion that surprise makes everything better.

And then I'm in the process of finishing that meme. I SWEAR I AM, it's just that one of the fics is causing me trouble, because usually when I cut shit out, it's because it's self-indulgent and like, me going LOOK HOW MUCH I KNOW ABOUT AGGRAVATED ASSAULT AND ARCHAIC CUSTOMS IN NORTHUMBERLAND.

But I digress, you see for Misha's birthday we watched the Lost Boys and I remembered that random awful crossover fic I started forever ago...and then I was like MMMM, CROSSOVER, MORE NEW PEOPLE TO GAWK AND THE SAM/DEAN LOVE.

Poll #1346272 Crossovers

What crossover needs to exist and doesn't?

Supernatural and Evil Dead -- Watch where you point that chainsaw
Supernatural and Lost Boys--a history of violence (incest)
Supernatural and BSG--where Sam and Dean are the pairing and not Dean and half BSG's hottie crew
Supernatural and The Importance of Being Earnest -- No, I'm not kidding, I'm a genius
Supernatural and Real Genius -- Dean and Chris Knight, instant best friends
Supernatural and Chitty Chitty Bang Bang - Hey, I remember, November of 2007, this got four votes
Supernatural and 21 Jump Street -- After 4.13 it's practially begging for it.

ETA: before you get any bright ideas, WINCESTLINS DOES NOT NEED TO EXIST.
Tags: lost boys, polls, supernatural
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