the reluctant lobotomist (fourfreedoms) wrote,
the reluctant lobotomist

Pulvis et umra sumus (We are but dust and shadow)-Ovid or the fairly pompous title of my piece

[ mood | a little drifty ]
[ music | Saturday Night-Suede ]

I finished another piece for art. This one in fact--

I might as well give credit where it's due. When I was a sophomore Jan did a piece in charcoal with a sword standing upright, I've always wanted to try something similar. I hope however, that mine is suitably different. What do you think Jan?

Last night Flo and I made quesidillas and guacamole. It was fun, we ate in the kitchen and talked about life (she came to escape eating dinner with the Greely's so it was fairly mellow). Then I stayed up until three doing that piece above (which paid off, I finished it), would you believe I started that on thursday? I wouldn't, I usually work SOOOO slow.

Today our soccer game was against the crazy mountain view team that kicks everybody's asses. We did really well though, we actually scored on them and made them pay for their win for sure. Towards the end they were getting so desperate because they were only three up. Um, excuse me? Does anybody else see what's wrong with that? Heheh. Anyway, I'm going to go make dinner.

to whom it may concern . . .I'm so tired, and I have to pick my mother up from the air port tonight. waah.

Tags: art, soccer
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