the reluctant lobotomist (fourfreedoms) wrote,
the reluctant lobotomist

Pity me, I am so cute and deserve love

YOU KNOW WHAT SUCKS? LIFE! So in the second of my two writing classes this semester we were about to work shop this girl's gay porn (GOOD GAY PORN, I would post it on here for you if that wasn't totally unethical and also, I'd worry that you'd like it more than anything I could right and YOU KNOW, I AM JUST TOO NARCISSISTIC FOR THAT) and all of a sudden I got my period.

It was a like a wush. No, I'm not kidding. SOUND EFFECTS. And it was two weeks early and I ran to the bathroom and discovered blood ALL OVER MY THIGHS. So I ran back and was like "I AM NAUSEATED AND MUST LEAVE" and gave the girl my comments and ran back to my dorm before the entire world realized I'd sprung a leak.

NOW I KNOW WHY I'VE BEEN BEHAVING LIKE AN EMOTIONAL CRAZY FOR THE PAST WEEK, I was ovulating. Two weeks early. And now I'm attempting to write a J2 fic, a gay porn for my writing class of MY OWN, and that screenplay, and it all sucks. I can't get past he woke up on one, and he threw a frisbee on the other, and she changed her music on the third. I wish I could blame this on the ovulating, but I think it's more like screenwriting gave me the yips.

Also, random thought, more of you people need to talk to me. I have lost touch with some of you and absolutely do not know how to reverse this process. nomelon, I'm looking at you. And if I have never talked to you online, NOW IS WHEN YOU SHOULD IM ME, because I need distraction. I'm about to claw my face off from the pain of my uterus.
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