the reluctant lobotomist (fourfreedoms) wrote,
the reluctant lobotomist

*sporfle* Meredith says I'm cruel.

There are times I want to write an entire novel about my roommate. She is one of those hilariously tragic figures. And I'm aware how terrible that sounds, but considering the fact that I always have to listen to her whine about EVERYTHING, and then it occured to me that she knew absolutely nothing about me I don't feel bad. I was like, man, I have to wait to call my mom and she was like, WHY?

Uh, my mother just moved back to the Netherlands, she's six hours ahead. I KNOW I TOLD YOU THIS.

But anyway, her latest antics involve demanding that a boy walk her home when she was drunk, she had to tell his friend to tell him to do the honors, AND THEN she attempted to attack him in the hallway in front of our door. Of course he made her open the door first in an attempt to stave off the kiss, so I got to witness the entire thing.

It was just one of those cinematic moments, her leaping through the air, and him desperately trying to dodge. He tripped over my roller blades in the hall though and it was all down hill from there.
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