the reluctant lobotomist (fourfreedoms) wrote,
the reluctant lobotomist

*dies* At least I crack myself up

Mariel had a little trouble reading today and thought that Saw II was listed under gay & lesbian movies on Netflix. My first thought was "HEY GUYS, WHERE IS THE J2 AU OF SAW II?"

Love in the middle of flying limbs and skin peeling. Or whatever goes on in those movies.

Mariel also wants to know why the fourth movie is called Fast & Furious. I pointed out the only box office successes in the trilogy were the ones that expanded on the the theme the first one set. OBVIOUSLY Tokyo Drift was doomed to fail. Also the Fastest and Furiousest doesn't sound right and she suggested:
-The Speedy and The Mad
-The Quick and the Upset
-The Swift and the Enraged
-The Agile and the In A Snit

Edit: I lost fifteen dollars randomly out of my pants today. Mariel points out that I'm very sad about this turning point in my life, so you know, I'll be in the corner crying. Sorry for snarky comments.
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