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As my old roommate would say, what is my life?

Three things:

1. I realize I just wrote my best friend from home in as Jensen's best friend in my j2_everafter, only male and saddled with the name Thaddeus Herbie. Ask me where I came up with that one.

2. Last night was tap night. This meant half the campus running around in robes and masks, blindfolding their poor taps while they dragged them around and forced them to do ridiculous things like play leapfrog on unsuspecting passersby while wearing batman underpants. These are the students in Skull & Bones, people!

Well not all, obviously. We've got a whole rash of societies. Elihu, The Elizebethan, Berzilius, Scroll & Key, Book & Snake, Mace & Chain, Manuscript, The Wolf's Head. They have these tombs (windowless mausoleums, no joke) they gather in twice a week and talk about themselves, as pouletinbondage put it.

3. I have four scripts to read for class tomorrow. One of which is called Frenemies, another of which I was exhorted to read while stoned. And next week I'm planning to cook for these crazy people.
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