the reluctant lobotomist (fourfreedoms) wrote,
the reluctant lobotomist

Almost over now

[ mood | tired ]
[ music | Tear Me Down-Hedwig and the Angry Inch ]

What a week! Break started at approximately 12:30 pm on Friday, that was nice. Although I still have more work to do on college apps. Anyway, yesterday Flo and I made lunch--mac'n cheese and a really awesome salad (Thanks Flo, that salad was insanely good) while we watched A Touch of Pink yet again. That movie still cracks me up. I worked more on college apps, because basically that has become my life. Yuck. My mother and I went to the Three Seasons again for dinner and I did more work on college apps, finally Colleen, Flo, and I got to see Brokeback Mountain. Granted we got the shittiest seats in the house I'm sure, but it was still worth it. Like I was hoping, they were able to flesh it out so that it was better than the short story. Everybody should go see it.

Afterwards I guess Colleen and I were a little hyped up, we went right in and started writing a song, which had nothing to do with anything we'd been doing for a long time. It's sounding really good even though she was playing it on her Electric Guitar without it plugged into the amp (it was 2 AM).

to whom it may concern . . .Leaving for Chicago and Connecticut tomorrow as per usual. God, sometimes I hate it. Also, everybody should comment on my icon because I'm in love with that thing. I consider it one of my greatest triumphs.

Tags: a touch of pink
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