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Marlon is upset that he is coming to the end of his novel, give him something to read

I was at the bookstore today, and I was just struck by the fact that it's a really shitty Barnes & Noble and didn't have the one thing I wanted, but also, that aside from that, I'm so out of the loop on books these days. I haven't read anything not connected to Generation Kill or my work all the way through since...early May. And then it was Cassandra Claire's novel. (Does not count)

Any recommendations? I'll take anything. Sci-fi, romance, YA, fiction, cooking, I don't know. I draw the line at L. Ron Hubbard.

Also, what's a suitable revenge for a roommate who perpetually forgets to flush even after you've told him, HEY DUDE, FLUSH THE GODDAMN TOILET. The plumbing is too new, so I can't flush while he's in the shower and get a satisfying reaction.
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