the reluctant lobotomist (fourfreedoms) wrote,
the reluctant lobotomist

Vanilla Meme

In response to the rash of kink memes we've been having. If you like a little vanilla in your fic:

1. It's very important to remember that all entries be vanilla. By which we mean there can be sex, even explicit sex, just not the kind you might hesitate mentioning you've had in front of people that aren't fangirls. As memphis86 put it, "no whips, no chains, no cherry sauce." Angst or Schmoop though, go crazy.

2. Post as many prompts as you want. As you notice memphis86 and I were a little short on prompts for Dean/Castiel and Sam/Ruby. Don't let that stop you from participating.

3. When you reply, please post the prompt you've filled in the header so that we can link back to it easily. Multiple entries for the same prompt are totally awesome. Be nice, have fun!

Sam/Dean Prompts
-Sam/Dean, public displays of affection.
-Sam/Dean, cooking in a motel kitchen
-Sam/Dean, massage
-Sam/Dean, splitting the newspaper Here by bekkis
-Sam/Dean, reading aloud because someone is incapacitated or because they’ve stumbled across something funny and/or touching.
-Sam/Dean, making-out
-Sam/Dean, spooning
-Sam/Dean, making use of powers for foreplay
-Sam/Dean, dressing up for a masquerade party for a case
-Sam/Dean, running through water fountains
-Sam/Dean, swimming in the rain or skinny dipping Here by elohvee
-Sam/Dean, going to the beach
-Sam/Dean, a girl buying Sam a girly drink in a bar and Dean’s reaction
-Sam/Dean, Sam getting fitted for a suit after they destroy the old one on a hunt here by fourfreedoms
-Sam/Dean, by a fireplace
-Sam/Dean, somebody mistaking Sam and Dean as a couple on an airplane when Dean is hyper-ventilating and Sam is trying to comfort him, and Dean getting pissed off that he has to sit next to the person that thinks he’s gay Here by lazy_daze
-Sam/Dean, mile-high club
-Sam/Dean, eating some kind of unusual ethnic food after Sam rebels at the suggestion of another roadside diner
-Sam/Dean, ending up at a dance club for a case and being forced to dance
-Sam/Dean, fixing a house up for a friend
-Sam/Dean, Chuck crossover where Sam is shopping at Buy More and geeking out over technology, Morgan assuming they’re gay and being obnoxiously overly helpful, Chuck having to drag him away
-Sam/Dean, morning after awkwardness after the first time
-Sam/Dean, “Dean, you’re an asshole, stop taking naked pictures of me.”Here by trueshellz
-Sam/Dean, case at a haunted sleep away camp and getting caught by the kids making out in the woods/canoe
-Sam/Dean, “Closing Time” by Semisonic comes on the radio and Sam remembers listening to it when he was younger and pining for Dean.
-Sam/Dean, falling asleep on each other’s shoulders in a public place
-Sam/Dean, Blackout Here by memphis86
-Sam/Dean, locked in a closet Here by memphis86
-Sam/Dean, watching True Blood Here by rosekay and not exactly a follow-up, but a spin off where Dean and Sam come across Fangtasia Here also by rosekay
-Sam/Dean, Sam makes up ridiculous rhymes to help him remember things. Dean counters with suggestive limericks
-Sam/Dean, A night in the library after-hours.
-Sam/Dean, Dean and Sam wander into a garden filled with good, old-fashioned sex pollen.
-Sam/Dean, vanilla ice-cream Here by fourfreedoms and a follow up by ignited about Dean and an Ice Cream Truck here
thanks to nomelon
Sam/Dean - having to be very, very quiet
Sam/Dean - camping
Sam/Dean - on a deserted beach at sunset Here by ignipes
Sam/Dean - suntan lotion on sun-warmed skin, Dean's freckles, Sam's HANDS. Here by fourfreedoms and Here by elohvee
Sam/Dean - tipsy Sam has never done bodyshots, Dean shows him how
Sam/Dean - playing football in a meadow
Sam/Dean - walking barefoot on the grass
Sam/Dean - asleep in the backseat of the Impala Here by trueshellz
Sam/Dean - haircut Here by bekkis
Sam/Dean - a sack of oranges Here by regala_electra

-Sam/Ruby, Twister
-Sam/Ruby, training with powers
-Sam/Ruby, Sam geeking out about history and Ruby revealing how all of what he knows is wrong. Because she was there.
-Sam/Ruby, pretending to be married
-Sam/Ruby, Ruby getting lost in the cooking section of a bookstore and Sam being all shocked at this sudden display of domesticity

-Dean/Castiel: Dean takes him to the movies. Castiel doesn't realize he needs to whisper inside. Here by seahorse_4215
-Dean/Castiel: Driving lessons in the impala. Dean almost makes Castiel swear a blood oath before setting foot into his "baby".

Assorted Other pairings
-Dean/Henriksen: Dean wakes up and Henriksen is watching him sleep, dirt on his hands from where he crawled out of the grave.
-Dean/Henriksen: Buddy cop cliche trope. Only sexier.

-Sam/Castiel: Asking for forgiveness.
-Sam/Castiel: Sam has an old scripture to translate. Castiel shows off his skilled tongue.

-Uriel/Castiel: Before the war, Uriel had the best sense of humor in the group. And Castiel used to laugh clear and free, smiling like the sun. And Uriel just wanted to see him like that every day.

-Lucifer/Castiel: Brothers in arms, er, wings.
-Lucifer/Sam: My favorite mistake.
-Lucifer/Ruby: Best minion ever.

-Pamela/Ruby: Why the Ramones are the best band Ruby would ever have the pleasure to hear during her time on Earth.
-Anna/Pamela: Pamela changing her bandages. Anna assists her, and can't help but steal a kiss.
-Ruby/Anna: Gay chicken in the backseat. Ruby started it! Here by not_refined and Here by slartibartfast
-Dean/Pamela: Pamela steals one of Dean's favorite classic rock t-shirts every time she spends the night. Dean doesn't notice for a few weeks.
Chuck/Castiel: Sometimes the dreams and reality start to get fuzzy. All that tequila doesn't help much either but Chuck's been waking up covered in feathers and should figure out why. Here by thunder_nari
Meg/Ruby - get magical amnesia and they're very drawn to one another but they have no idea why

So, get cracking!
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