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Iced Tea Craze

I, supreme lover of Iced Tea, have surpassed myself. Not only have I drunk two bottles of honest tea, an arizona green tea, some home made iced darjeeling . . .I ALSO had some iced tea at the restaurant. I'm surprised I haven't pissed myself. Why is this relevant? I do not know. I intoduced Colleen to the world of Queer as Folk today, yay for that. Hopefully Sarah will finish up soon and give me season two back again. I miss it. Which reminds me, I really need to by Season four. Cry, this season is their last.

Hahah, Chelsea mopped up Manchester United, how utterly wonderful. Rooney, Ronaldo, and Van Nistelrooij and they still couldn't win. Not to mention the fact that Chelsea's best players were out: Terry, Duff, and Robben.

to whom it may concern . . .Conor gave me a marriage counceling book yesterday. I have yet to understand why.
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