the reluctant lobotomist (fourfreedoms) wrote,
the reluctant lobotomist

Now With Handy Footnotes

There are so many good stories on the Get Some Porn Skirmish. Nate and Brad as bounty hunters. Nate and Brad in boarding school. Nate and Brad as epic librarians. Nate and Brad as amazing figure skaters dueling for the gold. Okay, I made that last one up.* But I'm so tempted to write all of it.**

This is not good since I have plans every night and still must somehow attempt to ace my calculus final. Also, AT&T might actually have forced me and my mother into getting iPhones to combat the sheer influx of texts we receive. She's like there must be another smartphone. Anything but that. I think my mom wants to be the last person in the industry not saddled with the latest Apple gear. I on the other hand wish we could destroy AT&T*** and run off into the night.

*Although there is a prompt that Bravo is a platoon of wizards. I refuse to feel bad now.
** Also, I felt bad for the Brad/Nate hookerfic, it got three votes. I'm writing that one to make it feel better.
***bananafish says she knows how to make napalm.
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