the reluctant lobotomist (fourfreedoms) wrote,
the reluctant lobotomist

It's uh...fusion, in multiple senses of the word

There's this dumpling shop in Millbrae that makes the best garlic green beans and pork buns I've ever had. My mom decided we should go there tonight before we hit the movies, and I of course find no reason to protest. Then she breaks out the Toasted Head chardonnay and the St. Andre for a small snack.

I look at her like 'wine and cheese before Chinese food? CLASSY!' and she says, "What? I can't do this when your off at school. I feel like a complete alcoholic."

I miss foodie culture so much when I'm in New Haven. Florence isn't around to start telling me about how her dad is trying out new ketchup made out of rose hips or looking at me funny when I said I didn't make the aoili from scratch.

Also, by dint of the fact that my crushingly horrible writer's block seems to have returned, I have found myself 3/4ths of the way through S4 of SPN. Just saw 4.17, "It's a Terrible Life." Oh man, I want to write all sorts of naughty sex all over Dean's professionally decorated office. But it just won't seem to come. Somebody else do it? I think Sam should be in a leather jacket and black jeans out of his uniform and Dean can't help himself for wanting him, but he still has to say "whoa, careful, this shirt is Helmut Lang."
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