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Art Post: Brad/Nate, making out on a bed

My scanner is so crappy! I am unamused. But anyway, I was waiting for True Blood to download, and I thought to myself, hmm, I could draw. I settled on this prompt: Colbert/Fick: Aggressor - Nate is determined to have Brad. Yes, once again from the Generation Kill Get Some Porn Skirmish.

Some background: Nate put up with Brad being a complete motherfucking tease out in the desert for the entire tour. He didn't do anything, he gave no sign whatsoever that he was in considerable distress from Brad's *ahem* sultry glances and complete disregard for clothing. However, safely ensconced in the Ivy League, Nate has no problem cornering Brad in a bedroom at a party, shoving him on the bed and climbing astride.

And the rest, we know, is history. If his knee doesn't render Brad impotent. I uh...tried to convey that his weight was all on his right leg.

So it's in the style of the mangaka Shiuko Kano. She has a lot more patience for drawing folds in clothing than I do, but hopefully Brad's leather jacket looks like a leather jacket. I wish I had a better scanner that didn't do that fade out thing to the left. I actually had to color correct it from YELLOW. I swear, I don't come home for nine months and my mother has destroyed half the house. SHE CAN'T BE TRUSTED.

This pose handily let me ignore faces though. WOOHOO. I can draw people. Really. Just not if you want them to look like somebody you know. Er, WOOPS?

Also, on a completely different note, I managed to score a Rocknrolla DVD. I'm so proud of myself. I'm going to make myself Vodka lemonade and laugh at the antics of One Two and Mumbles. Seriously, if you think you've seen gay shit? Not until you've watched this movie. I swear.

Fry's was also selling a Paul Walker/Vin Diesel collection. Everybody just knows they're better together.
Tags: art, brad/nate, generation kill, rocknrolla
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