the reluctant lobotomist (fourfreedoms) wrote,
the reluctant lobotomist

The Gay Pond

ericaplease will be proud. I was inspired to expound on the best way to wear sunscreen if you're worried about problem skin at glitterkid

I went down the squiche last night to pay Nava back, and Brian, her boyfriend, was messing around in photoshop waiting for her, when Gabe came up behind him and started giving him a massage. It was the most pornographic live display I've ever seen. Like Brian's head was lolling back on Gabe's hip and he was full-on moaning. And then Edward brought up gay chicken and Brian said, "I feel like that's just a way to make out with your best friend without really diving into the gay pond."

Gabe frowned and pulled his hands away, saying, "What? No, it's not!"

Well, Gabe is also the inspiration for that gay chicken fic miss_begonia and I wrote yesteryear. I think Brian might have nailed him to the wall with that statement. And some cruel bastard decided to make him a freshman counselor this year. His poor boys are probably all facing serious identity crises for him despite the fact that he's 5'7, mild-mannered, and likes to call himself a teddybear.

Maybe that's what's turning straight boys' cranks these days.
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