the reluctant lobotomist (fourfreedoms) wrote,
the reluctant lobotomist

It started off as an update, but I started ranting about my college campus

I'm terribly amused by the zone alarm ads that say if you don't protect your computer a hot guy in a wife beater and a british mohawk will sit in the dark and hack your computer. Please. At this point in time I'm more worried about the DMCA Copyright agent deciding I'm a pernicious file sharer.

I was walking to the campus grocery (although the shittiest corner store in the world is still better than this pile of bad junkfood) and I saw this cadre of female police officers and I realized I see more women cops in New Haven than I have anywhere else I've ever lived. I wonder why that is, or what crazy incentives they have to put on the badge. New Haven's no picnic, it's about a step above Bridgeport in scungy awfulness.

The majority of people who I go to school with have the idea that Connecticut cannot possibly rate the highest per capita income (well I believe it's sunk to number four now, but ONCE), nor is it the place with the street Charles Dickens claimed the prettiest in America. The Constitution State seems like some post-apocalyptic parcel that could inspire Eric Kripke. Hillhouse Avenue's nice, but I've got to ask: was this just in comparison to the rest of New Haven, Charles? Or did they tell him 'If you want to see the rest of America, you have to walk it, you grandiloquent British snob," and then he said 'fuck it' and declared the first well-manicured lane he found the brightest spot in the country so he wouldn't waste shoe-leather.

You can't just blame it on the Have either. Our perception is fed by I-95 North to Bradley airport which cuts straight through every craptacular piece of urban sprawl Connecticut has to offer. And if that wasn't enough, the Metronorth line south to New York City zigzags through an over-industrialized coastline littered with tenements and abandoned factories. How does this state have a tourist industry with that first impression? There are some pretty neato parts of CT actually, I've uh...really never been to them, but like that famous fourteen lane turnpike has formed the national consciousness of New Jersey, the burnt-out major cities of Connecticut make us feel that we could only do worse if we packed up and moved to Detroit. I'm told current real estate there would allow me to buy myself an entire apartment building on my meager part-time salary. Only I'd still be in Detroit.

For SPN lovers, here's a piece of trivia. The historic Winchester Gun Factory which now borders Science Park is being developed into loft housing. It's about time. President Levin keeps yammering on about the New Haven renaissance, but so far this renaissance has involved a J. Crew (followed by Urban Outfitters and most recently American Apparel), a not quite really indie theater that then proceeded to push the only actual indie theater out, and a smattering of over-priced restaurants that students have to wait to sample until their roommates' AmEx-toting parents arrive.

There was a point to this. Oh yes, female cops, way to break New Haven's grimy and boarded-up glass ceiling! At least that's something. Hey, come and visit me?
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