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The falling action makes time seem slower

1. Misha, Meredith, and I all went to see White Lies play at Webster Hall. They're one of my favorite bands and I was really lucky to get tickets this time around, but we had such a shit audience. They didn't come on for an encore. It just, beh, disappointing. However, their front man Harry McVeigh is adorable.

He had this amazing talent of looking like he was singing just for you.

If you like New Wave music like early depeche mode and Sisters of Mercy, you can dl their album here: To Lose My Life

We went to the International for drinks after and we met this guy Kirk who was one of those awesome bar regulars you always hope to meet. He was just a wealth of crazy stories, and he's worked pretty much everywhere. Somehow the subject of anal bleaching came up (I DON'T KNOW), and Meredith and I wondered if they have a scale, light pink to white like they do at the dry cleaners. I mean, I don't understand people who do this to themselves. Your butt is your butt.

2. I stayed over in New York City because my mom was out here visiting Freshkills' landfill (she's writing a book on the sociology of our waste) to see a concert about packaging waste. He apparently made his electric guitar out of a Tropicana box. Pretty impressive.

I will never understand this, but she finds garbage quite fascinating, so anyway, if you're interested: landfill diaries

Apparently the same people who landscaped and redesigned The Highline are doing Freshkills too.

Anyway, she's still in bribery mode, so we went to see Jude Law in Hamlet. Dear God, he was gorgeous and I loved the way he played Hamlet with a slightly sardonic note. They had him in this one clingy cashmere sweater that didn't quite hit his waistband. Ai, I nearly died!

Ophelia and Horatio were kind of crap, but everybody else was really lovely. Mr. Gibbs from Pirates of the Caribbean was Claudius, and when it actually took me awhile to realize it was the same guy, because he owned Claudius. It was excellent. One caveat, we didn't correctly estimate how long the production was going to take, and we ended up being 45 minutes late for our dinner reservation.

3. Also, loony_moony, memphis86, regala_electra, and I went to the theater in Astoria to see Surrogates while my mother was off galavanting about the garbage. I think the highlight of the outing was the fact that I flipped out when I saw that Paul Walker and Hayden Christensen are going to be in the same movie. The effect is somewhat mitigated by the fact that Chris Brown is also in this movie, but HAYDEN AND PAUL.

Do you know how much I want to write slash about them? Ah Jesus, that would just be too pretty. Also, also, I ADORE the costumes. God, I'm slain by men who dress in suits.

He's wearing SUSPENDERS!

Right, I'm going to go off and watch the trailers about 8 more times. It involves Hayden in a swimming pool and being snarky.

And that was my weekend!
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