the reluctant lobotomist (fourfreedoms) wrote,
the reluctant lobotomist

Serendipity, nothing more

Just took my US Lesbian and Gay History midterm. The class's assignments are in general really stupid, but the midterm was surprisingly nice out_0f_habit mentioned that she wished homosexuality was a major. I feel like that's kind of my life. By accident, I swear it!

I'm researching gay porn stars for my senior thesis too. ALSO BY ACCIDENT! I don't actually know anything at all. If anybody wants to give me a crash course, you will have the satisfaction of knowing that at some point during the year I will be going up in front of my peers, my master, and my dean, making a presentation that involves gay porn stars.

I realize now I've posted a song pretty much every day. So let's have one for Brad/Nate. This one's called "Liquid Sugar" by Maps. Everything by Maps could be a great vid, so if you're hard up for ideas...

If Everything I know,
Is possibly Controlled
If there's a way, let's go.

Tags: music
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