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More Snippets

Midterms are over for me, thank god! As has become fashionable in Generation Kill fandom, I have decided to do a snippet post. You are welcome to post a picture for any fandom I write in (SPN, Generation Kill, RPF, Glee, Never Back Down) and I will respond with fic. The two fics I have in the works are frightening me, but I am in a mood to write.

amberlynne has been threatening me with 17 requests for more Model!AU, so come participate so I'm not just writing about Brad and Nate prancing about on the runway.

ETA: Oh, song of the day, "One Pure Thought" by Hot Chip, for you dirty-minded girls out there.

-Brad owning a winery for amberlynne
-Ray's Wedding for amberlynne
-Q-Tip Turning Up on Nate's Porch for aboutademongirl
-Nate The Romance Novelist for amberlynne and really, myself.
-Nate the Archeologist, Brad the wild mountainman for amberlynne
-ASkar's epic love with Batman for memphis86. Every time I type that, I laugh.
-Glee: Brokeback The Musical for memphis86
-Model!Au: The first photoshoot after they fuck for amberlynne
-Generation Kill Victorian!Au for trolleys
-Model!AU: Brad finds school!Nate irresistable for amberlynne
-Brad Visiting Nate At Harvard for soul_cake_duck
-Alex taking Stark back to Sweden for amberlynne
Tags: fic, generation kill, glee, snippet party
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