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The Vagaries of Babysitting

At this very moment, I'm babysitting . . .Cole and Hagen (or S.C. as Hagen prefers to be called don't ask me why, I do not know)and another darling young man I met today named Chris. He gets very embarrassed when you try to hug him. We played trivia for candy, argued over whether or not to eat dinner, and whether or not I wanted to hear Def Leppard's "Pour some Sugar on Me" for the fourhundredth time. Currently they have stuffed themselves into pillow cases (pillows still inside) and are jumping around the room.

Star testing was interesting, in a I hate this, why am I doing this kinda way. I did a pretty awesome sketch during the test. I'll try to upload it later. Don't hold your breath though. My computer literally hates me.

Yesterday Colleen and I hung out. We watched an episode of Queer as Folk and ate pringles. I leant her the edge of seventeen, which is a truly horrible movie (but if you have netflix why not use it). Colleen and I also got into a stupid argument over OOC's today. She thinks it doesn't matter whereas I think one can interpret however one likes but one must also have integrity. Ah well, sorry Colleen. I wasn't really in a mood to be disagreed with.

I got into Claremont Mckenna's Step Up program. Yay. Talked to Mr. Struckmeyer today about it and he's happy for me (he recommended me along with Ms. Hawkins). I wore my David Bowie shirt today and he commented, telling me that in high school Ziggy Stardust had been his favorite album. Hah, Glam rock rules.

To whom it may concern . . .it's best not to leave them unattended for too long, I should find them.
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