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Directions: Open Mouth, Insert Foot

I have discovered that it's quite awkward when Denzel Washington's daughter is within your circle of friends and you're speaking to her ex-boyfriend during a master's tea and you mention that you'd hit Denzel Washington so hard. I reeeeeally didn't think about that one.

However, the awesome that is William Goldman saved me from that one. He was here for George Roy Hill weekend and Lapadula reserved seats for us. He's terribly adorable and self-deprecating and he kept mentioning how much he hates his writing and how awesome Paul Newman was. I think some people in the audience would have thrown themselves at him if he hadn't come with an entourage of matronly ladies who looked like they could pack a serious wallop with a judging look.

We went to hot topic yesterday and they were selling Ben Nye Aqua Glitter Adhesive for two dollars a bottle. That's an 80% discount. I just about blew my wad. I think the only problem is that it's possibly a bit too runny. Further experiments will have to be conducted to see if I'll use it for my Halloween costume.
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