the reluctant lobotomist (fourfreedoms) wrote,
the reluctant lobotomist

Get your kicks where you can, hey!

So I was futzing around on the trailer mash for class and I just had to post this for you. It's not the best one they have on there, nothing will be Ten Things I Hate About Commandments or The Shining: A comedy (SO DISTURBING), but Arnie in a gay relationship with the Beastmaster while that sappy song from my senior year of high school plays is just TOO Much to pass up.

Also you should tell me a funny anecdote so that when I wake up in four hours I have something interesting to read. Maybe LJ two truths and a lie. I shall guess the lie! I am a genius lie-guesser in this game. Also, would applying for a job in merchandizing at Club Monaco be selling my soul to the man or is it just hypothetical *ahem* servicing of the man?

ETA: rosekay wants you to know that Dominic Purcell was on 5 episodes of the new BeastMaster as Kelb and Marton Czokas was in three as...wait for it...Qord. I have no idea how that is pronounced. They have come so farrr!
Tags: youtube
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