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Celebrate Prompt Times, Come On!

Last week's Flashforward totally paid homage to Generation Kill (I'm choosing to view it that way anyway). A woman driving in a HumVee in Iraq radioed in to Godfather as Hitman 2. And in the same episode that Callum Keith Rennie was gallivanting about. When I was watching it last night I had to immediately inform amberlynne.

Also, I spent like the last ten days of my life writing a really shitty story for my writing class that made me want to tear my hair out. THEREFORE, I think it's time for another prompt (snippet, time stamp, what have have you) party so I can enjoy writing again. You know the drill, any fandom I've written for in the past is fair game. Do not feel pushy. Dear SPN people, I would kill for some good prompts, I have not abandoned you!

Have a song for your trouble: Easy by Dragonette. It's the most romantic unromantic song I've ever heard. And I kinda hope to feel this way about someone one day.

Model!AU: Brad's first time bottoming for Nate for amberlynne
Brad/Sam for nomelon
Lucifer!Sam and Michael!Dean for killer_fiend
Ray signs Brad up for a dating site for setissma
Cop!AU: Walt goes to fetch Brad to give his report for jujubinha
Jared/Jensen, Riding a bicycle for ignited
Brad/Nate in SPN universe for oxoniensis
More ASkars/Batman for memphis86
SPN/Chuck Crossover, threesome between Sam, Ellie, and Awesome for rosekay
Professor!Alex and Fratboy!Stark for miss_saigon
Cop!AU: The first time Brad and Nate have sex for alethialia
Brad makes Nate slow down after being injured for irishdf
Brad/Nate, Sixteen Candles AU for amberlynne
Brad/Nate, Skinny-dipping, sort of for trolleys
Brad/Nate, MotoGP AU for katenotkit
Outside!Pov at the beach for aboutademongirl
Brad/Nate, grocery shopping for godofwine
Brad/Nate, in a motorcycle gang for kasiowy
Tags: fic, flashforward, prompts, snippet party
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