the reluctant lobotomist (fourfreedoms) wrote,
the reluctant lobotomist

I have an intense eye twitch. Make it stop.

[ mood | thoughtful ]
[ music | Shooting Stars-Cauterize (this song is a piece of pop punk rock shite, but I like it ]

Trying to eat a croissant while writing this, it isn't working. Especially since I just ran out of jam. Must find more Raspberry jam. On to a more interesting topic: finals are over. Yay, I'm a second semester senior na na na na na. Now I'm going to worry about all those rejection letters.

Flo turned 18 on Friday. She didn't enjoy her birthday itself much, I'm afraid. But we went to the Haight yesterday and had fun down there. Marc Bolan now has a proud stance on my wall. I love T. Rex. The guy at Cheap Thrills was hilarious. He's a big T. Rex fan too, so he told me to go to Amoeba music and buy some DVD (he kept mumbling so I have no idea what he actually wanted), and come back and give him a three page synopsis. Also, when he was getting the poster down, he was balancing about 12 feet up on this ladder, and he said "Look I'm dancing while high . . .get it?" Yes, Yes I get it.

I still can't come up with come backs. Oh well. I shall survive some how. Agh, there goes the eye twitch again.

to whom it may concern . . .how is it that on Friday night I can go to bed at 4 Am, wake up 5 hours later at 8:45 AM on Saturday and then still manage to stay up till 3 AM last night?

Back when I was still on, I used to actually understand code (well I understood their code), now when ever I try to mess with on LJ it backfires miserably. If you've ever come upon my diary when it's under construction you understand. So my point is, I had this as one of the backgrounds of my entries with Beautiful Day by U2 playing. Now I'm not a big fan of music being attached to diaries, but I sure as hell wish I could come up with a layout for my diary.

Tags: new layout, the haight, u2
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