the reluctant lobotomist (fourfreedoms) wrote,
the reluctant lobotomist


An amazing thing happened in US Lesbian and Gay History today. The lecture was on the AIDS epidemic, and our professor who was at Yale during the 80s broke down in the middle of lecture, and the next thing we knew, everybody was crying. There is, ballpark estimate, 150 people in this class. I have never seen so many guys crying in my life.

Sometimes, even as Slashers I think we forget why exactly condoms are so important in our fic. An entire generation of gay activists, artists, and intellectuals were almost completely wiped out by AIDS. And the worst bit was that our government did almost nothing to stop it. William F. Buckley wanted to tattoo people who contracted HIV so that they couldn't go throughout society unrecognized. Jesse Helms successfully lobbied to deny funding to AIDS-interest groups if they promoted homosexual contact (ie Safe Sex).

I don't understand hatred or that people could willingly allow people to suffer when helping them would have no consequences.
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