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Notice my new layout? It makes me cry to look at it . . .not really

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Over the past two days I have: gone to four classes out of the 11 I have, gotten rougly 6 hours of sleep, and eaten a lot of bread. I need some help, I can't freakin' sleep. Other than that it hasn't been that bad. Yesterday I managed to get myself together to go to young democrats, which turned out really well in my opinion. I gave out lots of candy, that's for sure. Does anybody know why Mr. Goodbar is called Mr. Goodbar? I never understood that.

You, of course, would love to know some 80s political factoids, so I, being the obliging person that I am, shall give them to you.
Defence official Thomas K. Jones said all you needed to survive a nuclear war was:"Dig a hole, cover it with a couple of doors and then throw three feet of dirt on top . . .if we have enough shovels to go around everybody's going to make it." Wow.

Ronald Reagan said (during the Iran hostage crisis), "I don't think you pay ransom for people who've been kidnapped by barbarians."

4/11/1985: The White House announces a visit to Bitburg Cemetary in West Germany, which has Americans and Nazis buried there. Except without the Americans part. Michael Deaver is sent to Germany to scout out a better place to garner good PR, while Reagan defends said visit with: "The German soldiers were victims, just as surely as the victims in the concentration camps." Despite how bad this looks to the rest of the world and the 257 members of the house that vote to cancel this event, Reagan actually goes to Bitburg, citing a letter that 13-year-old Beth Flom wrote, which supposedly urged him to "lay the wreath at Bitburg cemetary in honor of the future of Germany." In fact, when Flom herself was consulted, she urged him not to go at all. Exactly what future of Germany are we celebrating?

to whom it may concern . . .my wisdom teeth are coming in. OUCH.

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