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A Night To Remember, they claim

Finally finished the last paper and my yagkyas fic in the wee hours of the morning. I'm taking a night to myself and watching Burn Notice. It reminded me that I never posted the pictures from Masquerade or of the awesome haircut I got.

Masquerade's a senior tradition and I'd been looking forward to it for years. It sort of didn't work out as planned mostly because it was a semi-formal held at a nightclub and people just got trashed. It was impossible to tell who anyone was or where anyone was because it was nearly pitch dark.

The awesome haircut!

Oh, how messy my suite is! The palm print on my mirror just appeared there. It doesn't even fit my hand so I have no idea what people were doing! I have windex. I suppose I should deal with that.

I digress, the dress is from BCBG, and the day they were selling it everything in the entire store was 20% off for their twentieth anniversary. God, it was an amazing day.

P.S. You can see the amazing magnetic seal memphis86 got me hanging off the bed behind me

Lauren's attitude face. God my suite is so embarrassingly messy! I love how my computer is hanging out on my bed behind me. Story of my life!

This is the mask I bought when I was in Venice. It was only ten euro. Some people's masks were way more expensive then that and completely FUG on top of it. I was proud of mine! Alot of people were also wearing masks they got at DUH for people in Quarantine. I was like, SERIOUSLY YOU GUYS? SERIOUSLY?

Me in the little wife's (Meredith) room!

Me with the little wife!

We're super bad at this asian photo thing!

Meredith's common room. Happily messier than mine.

Meredith with Susan!

And these were the only pictures on my camera. Misha took a couple and Meredith took a couple, but nobody's put them up on facebook. RATS! Fuckface, the evil boy from October showed up and I had to go up to a rando and pretend he was my boyfriend. He was really sweet about it. I was like WHAT IS MY LIFE. Caity mentions that I just always seem to be in hilarious situations with boys. And the only thing I can say is that it just happens. I don't know why or how.

In other news, the boy that all the girls love in Davenport who I have never been attracted to apparently kinda likes me. Or at least that's how conjecture goes. Meredith says I just have to take one for the team, because they all want him so badly that SOMEBODY should know what it's like. Hah. As Misha says, "Or you could not do that."

Also, it never ceases to amuse me that whenever Michael Shanks is cast on anything these days it's always as a ripped hottie badass. I mean, Eureka, Burn Notice...whoo! You take the glasses off and it's a whole new man!
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